Women for Women of Sierra Leone

About WWSL

WWSL U.S. health care providers (from Maine and New Hampshire) outside of WWSL Health Care Center, in Yele, conferring with some of the less fortunate.

Women for Women of Sierra Leone, Inc. (WWSL) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization, whose purpose is to improve the personal, social, and economic conditions of, especially, women and children in the war-torn country of Sierra Leone, West Africa, who have suffered severely from the strife and upheaval in that country, and who are in desperate need of assistance.

Our Goals

The goals of Women for Women of Sierra Leone, Inc. will be achieved through the following:

To provide free health care by WWSL encouragement of U.S. Dentists and Medical Doctors, to travel to Sierra Leone and volunteer their services to the less fortunate.

To provide free education for less fortunate children, starting at age four.

To raise funds, and use such funds, to assist less fortunate women set up their various small businesses, as a means of livelihood and sustainability of their families.

To create a network among women of Sierra Leone for interdependence and mutual support.

To improve the quality of life of women and children by providing them with the means to reject subjugation and to develop a voice about the needs of their own lives.

To create an awareness of women’s potential for equality with their spouse and/or employers.

To provide information concerning legislation that will affect the social status of women in Sierra Leone.

To help women and children resist abuse.

To assist families with keeping their children in school.

To keep up the hope of women and children for a better future by Women for Women of Sierra Leone, Inc. readiness to assist and support them.