Women for Women of Sierra Leone

Welcome to WWSL1

Because of your donations to WWSL, less fortunate children like those above are able to receive FREE education, FREE uniforms and books, and more at the WWSL Elementary School, Yele.
Former abducted sex slaves can continue to receive FREE medical attention, also thanks to your donations to WWSL.

Our Mission Statement

To educate others about the plight of the less fortunate and displaced in the war-torn country of Sierra Leone, West Africa.

To bring hope to the hopeless so that they too can experience the meaningfulness of life.

To make provisions for the less fortunate and displaced by WWSL’s willingness to assist through various empowerment programs.

To encourage mission-minded persons in the U.S. and overseas with agricultural, art, educational, medical or any empowerment skills, and to travel2 with WWSL Representatives and provide those skills to the less fortunate.

1WWSL is NOT a Sierra Leone organization but an organization for anyone who wants to be in ‘active’ participation as he or she sees fit, for the benefit of the less fortunate throughout Sierra Leone.

WWSL is a New York State registered non-profit humanitarian mission organization — 501(c)(3) — formed by concerned men and women in the U.S. who feel that it is their humanitarian duty to assist/empower the less fortunate in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and at the same time require reports, photographs and videotapes of the projects which they are funding.

2WWSL representatives travel to Sierra Leone at least twice a year: late May-early June and early December, with U.S. volunteers such as dentists, doctors, nurses, teachers, etc. who volunteer their services to the less fortunate.